a video monitor or the decoder's own "marquis - like" display.

This document is an attempt to describe to hobbyists what digital signals can be received and decoded, in addition to providing the more advanced listener with a little more. What's a Shortwave Utility? A utility is the jargon for any radio station on the short wave band that is not for the public's entertainment or hobby.

I've been a radio hobbyist for over 35 years and enjoy scanner monitoring, AM broadcast band DX'ing, and shortwave utility monitoring and shortwave broadcast DX'ing in addition to my ham activities.

HF/shortwave utility radio monitoring.

Oct 27, 2022 · Milcom By Larry Van Horn N5FPW Monitoring US Coast Guard Aviation Fleet. . Jul 28, 2018 · HF Military Communications.


. For 50+ years, we've been the world's leading publisher of books and databases for professional shortwave (HF) radio monitoring. Books - Shortwave Utility Listening : Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2021-2022.

2000. While traditional broadcasting on shortwave frequencies has fizzled out to the point that about all you’ll hear is over the top.



10. Books - Shortwave Utility Listening : Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2021-2022.

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Monitoring DSC with YADD.
Air Force Operations.
Flight status updates.

The world's best guide to non-broadcast stations in the range of 0 - 30 MHz.

August 2022.

. It offers shortwave specific logging of stations, with most tasks handled automatically. ILGRadio since 1983 the whole short wave spectrum in one hand.

Jun 2, 2018 · Dallas Federal Monitoring. . Sep 26, 2021 · What are utility stations on HF? This is a valid question, and one that can be answered using a bit of negative logic. UPDATE INFO: new seasonal A23 - MAY updates on a DAILY basis: upload May 11th 2023 (2220 UTC). . Monitoring DSC with YADD.

The Shortwave Listener By Fred Waterer Fall Shortwave Schedules.

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the operational transmissions hours of the UTILITY stations in ILG.

The Buckeye Monitoring Post.

The largest and unique short wave database in the world covering all Broadcasting and UTILITY Stations 1.