May 5, 2015 · The digging is easier below the top crust of the earth, but by the time Stanley gets down that far, he already has a blister.

Chapter 11: Why is it unusual that X-Ray is the leader? because he is one of the smallest boys. Chapters 44-45 Summary.

He finds it an arduous task.

While he is digging he finds the fossil of a fish.

Holes: Quotes from Chapters 1–12. Zigzag isn't very kind to Stanley after hitting him; he wouldn't even dig an extra shovelful of dirt, even though he is the one who injured Stanley. While he is digging he finds the fossil of a fish.


Stanley reasons that Kate Barlow could not have dug terribly deep, so he works on widening the hole rather. He had learned not to dump the dirt too close to the opening. .

’ 3. Why are there no guard towers or electric fences at the camp? The camp has the only water for 100 miles.

Because it is almost the end of the Expert Answers.


. their goals, what does Stanley say he wants. X-Ray gets the day off and the rest of the boys partner dig.

What interesting thing did Stanley find when he was digging? Stanley’s second hole is also very hard to dig. While he is digging he finds the fossil of a fish. absolutely exhausting, but he also discovers that he is resilient and makes new friends. . a) one of the largest lakes in Texas.

an animal trainer.

. 1- Describe Stanley's attempts at digging his hole ? 2- What will happen if Stanley digs up something interesting? he will get the rest of the day off.


Oct 29, 2019 · Zero claims he likes to dig holes, so he offers to dig half of Stanley’s hole every day in exchange for reading and writing lessons.

What choice does the judge give Stanley? He can go to jail or go to Camp Green Lake.

fact, except for Zero, he was the smallest.

Stanley begins to suspect the Warden is looking for something.