settings file using DPAPI.

If you want to connect UiPath Studio to Orchestrator, the.

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Before assigning Robots at the Group level, Interactive Sign-In must be enabled, if not already enabled by default.

This article will go through the steps in configuring UIPath Robots on a Kubernetes Cluster, specifically on Linux nodes.

Here, you will find license key but it won’t show full key. It works. With Postman or cURL, make a request to the robots resource to return all.

The robot status shows licensed, connected on my machine but shows disconnected on orchestrator.

As I use this machine for testing, I wanted to install UiPath community edition. Select machine that you created. This basically means it programs and designs machines to perform tasks humans might struggle to do, or find generally.

. exe and checked its status in windows services.

Before we start as a disclaimer, it is assumed.


Click the Connect button and wait for the status indicator to go green. And now, you can create machine, robot and connect Uipath assistant to Orchestrator with machine key.

C. You will see a field to enter the machine key.

7 Current behavior: Tried to config robot by clicking “Orchestrator setting”, but no idea where to get the “Machine Key”.
for checking i have installed on window server 2019 , it got installed successfully and it is activated through machine key only but in windows server 2016.



. . May 9, 2023 · UiPath specializes in a discipline called robotics process automation (RPA).

Here, you will find license key but it won’t show full key. for domain user name open Command prompt and type “Whoami” it will give you a result and it will be your domain/UserName. Orchestrator Settings on your screen is the way where you need to fill out with all data you get. Fig 1. UI Robots running on Kubernetes Cluster. It looks like you.


It basically uses an http GET request to get all the Jobs that are Running on the specific machine the bot is running. 1996 (Neelima G) February 5, 2021, 5:17am 4.

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you can retrieve the machine name from the environment variable, like below.


1 – Automation Cloud.

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